Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunny impromptu day at home...

Well today instead of being at work, I'm at home because Luke our eldest is sick and off school. It's always a balancing act for them... either they go to school, or they stay at home and in bed. ie, not watching tv all day, and not playing playstation etc. Its amazing how much better they can suddenly seem when faced with the prospect of a boring day at home. However, today he's obviously feeling very under the weather as he's tucked up in bed reading a book with no complaints.

Anyway, my point (which I am taking awhile to get to..) is that I am secretly quite pleased to be at home - its a lovely warm day, Troy is out having a pick at some grass, and this afternoon I'll give him a wash.

I've just spent awhile outside mucking out, and picking up poles off the ground - we are shutting up some of the property for hay, and I daresay the contractor won't be too thrilled at running over jump poles as he goes... as Violet is now with Perf I no longer need my dressage arena set up, so the poles have been stacked away.

So, photos of the wash session later today. Camera charging in anticipation. I may even relent and put the telly on for poor old Luke...

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