Saturday, March 28, 2009

Revelations for the week.

OK, so today I really am using this as a diary. This evening, something dawned on me. Since Max has been here, my feelings about Troy have been, well, different. Obviously, because of Troy's age, I can't do an awful lot with him anyway, but really, all my mental and physical energy has gone into this flash, well bred horse that has come to stay, and wee Troy has taken a bit of a back seat.

I have started my new job, and to be honest, although a great challenge, and a lot of fun, the last couple of weeks have been very taxing. Darcy has been away, and its been absolutely full on with working full time hours, 3 kids, and two horses, one of whom I'm supposed to be putting a bit of work into.

One hears about WB horses being "high maintenance", and today, it has just dawned on me that perhaps I am fooling myself to think that I can put the work into Max that he needs. Don't get me wrong, he is absolutely lovely, I love riding him, and we have a great thing going, but he is hard work. And when I'm absolutely shattered tired, I find it really hard to focus on a horse that takes every ounce of my attention and energy.

Which is funny, really, because the very reason I bought Troy, was because I wanted to buy a horse that would emulate my dear Belle - also a clyde cross, lovely temperament, nice looking, not the greatest movement, but just a generally lovely, pretty, easy horse to have around.

So - maybe I'm not at a stage in my life for the high maintenance young WB?? Who knows! I'll give it a bit longer, as I love having him here... but, food for thought anyway!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lazy Saturday

All is well here. Horses survived the night together with no mishaps or injuries (thank god!!!) Brought Max in this morning for a bit of light work, nothing too strenuous as its all very strange here for him.

Spent about 5 minutes lunging on each rein, and then hopped on, he was a bit looky to begin with, but settled really well and did some lovely work. I left things just with walk/trot work, and kept things short. Will do a little more tomorrow. He seems to be enjoying being here - hangs over the fence with Troy whenever the kids are outside, looking for scratches! So cute...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

He's Here!!!

Maxy arrived today. So far he and Troy have decided who's in charge, and all looks good!! I'm tired now so I've just added a couple of pics from the day - looking forward to a ride tomorrow though!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

And another quick update

Today I found out that Max is to come home with me!! I was concerned, as my time is getting shorter and shorter - I start my new job on Monday, the days are getting shorter, and he needs more work.

I'm thrilled - as it means that I can zip outside and put a little more regular work into him which is great, without the worry of travelling and the time constraints. Troy will be thrilled too!!!

I'll try and get some pics when he arrives - maybe this weekend!