Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rain and wind, go away!

School holidays. Rain. Wind. One 5 year old covered in chicken pox. There is not enough wine in the world at the moment to satiate my needs....

But on the bright side - Troy is fab. He's had a wash, and looks a million bucks. At least, he did until he rolled, usual story. His feathers have been trimmed, farrier due this week to trim his feet, and life goes on!

Had to put these pics in. He sees absolutely nothing wrong with standing in his water trough...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rugs On! So much progress made

Just a couple of pics of Troy showing that he is man enough to cope with an array of rugs - from the winter (for night time as its still flippin cold at night) to the summer sheet. At present he is like a sponge - so desperate to learn and please.
He has taken to putting himself in the yard as soon as I open the gate, and goes straight to his "spot". I am so thrilled with him. Gotta savour these good bits as I'm sure there'll be plenty not so good!
Oh - today we began the makeover too. The mane is gone. The long forelock is gone. We have met the hose, and decided that it is a huge laugh, even more so when you grab it in your teeth and suck up the water. And even more so again when you spit the water out at Mum.
In case you hadn't gathered, Troy and I are having a bunch of fun!!!