Sunday, August 2, 2009

...Another lovely hack out.

Today I took Troy out with my friend Liz and her little mare. Another different environment for the wee boy, and again, he surpassed all of my expectations. The ride was around a very large dairy farm which is local, and its probably easiest if I list the things we encountered.

- Verrrrry large puddles. After a lot of hesitation, we are now the Puddle King. spent most of the ride with Troy actively hunting the puddles down, and sploshing through them.

- Big boom irrigators. Walked underneath no worries at all.

- walking over electric fence tape on the ground. Even after getting it tangled in feet (mum nearly poohed herself at that point) - we have discovered that it is best hopped over.

- Hills. Bring it on.

- Big piles of silage with black flappy plastic and tyres all over it. Yawn.

As seems to be his method, Troy marched out ahead of his company. He walks at a cracking pace, taking it all in, but always going forward. I think soon he'll be ready to tackle the big hacks out on his own.

Thanks Lizzy and Kindy!!!