Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Float training???????

Well it wasn't intended to be. I had parked the float in the paddock and configured troy's tape today to include the float in his paddock. Put the ramp down with the intention of letting him look at it and get close to it if he felt like it.

Silly bugger kept a wide berth from the scary blue thing with wheels.

Went into the paddock this evening to say hi, catch him, and just handle him a bit (oh, ok, play with him, I admit it!) Led him around the float a few times.

I am guilty of talking to him as if he is one of my kids. Which sounds awfully inane and quite mental to the casual passer by. Luckily we don't have many of those...

so, there I was, talking inanely to him. Left him standing at the bottom of the ramp, and walked into the float myself, so that I could talk/sing/be an idiot from inside the float. (the photo is taken from inside the float...)

Well next thing, bugger me, he's in there with me!! Must have been lots of lovely horsey smells from when Violet was in there last. He just stood there sniffing, and chilling. So I carefully backed him out. and walked out with him. And went back in, and he followed me straight back in. Same again.

Lots of horse cuddles and turned him out. Too good to be true!!!

This is the horse that was an absolute b***tard to truck down here, according to the transporter. Go troy!!

Photo, taken by me from inside the float (from my phone so excuse the quality - again, it was all very impromptu!)

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