Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grown up horse stuff

Well this week we've been doing a lot. Firstly, I realised that Troy has never been taught to lead from the offside. I discovered this when "lunging" him from a long lead rope. All good in one direction, not so good in the other. he was like..."what the? I can't go that way, its just not right!". The nice thing is that he learned very quickly that its ok to go to the right, just as its ok for mum to walk on the right hand side, not the left!

Back on and off the float, now with the partition in. I like to have all my horses self loading, as I largely travel alone to events. Seems to be going just fine at the moment. He will load on voice command - I haven't put the bum bar up yet, just want him to be nice and relaxed in there first. Just lots of on, stand, off. And then repeat... lol.

He's been "sacked out" and I try to throw as many rugs/saddle blankets etc around his feet and body whenever i have him in. He's quite happy to wear a roller and saddle blanket too.

As usual, I've been so busy doing stuff, that I havent taken any photos! Took this one on my phone this afternoon, the boy tied in the shed as it had started raining.

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