Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunny weekend

Well, after all the rain we've had lately, it was lovely to get a fine and frosty weekend. Managed to ride both days - the sad part is that I took Friday off work and it rained constantly (never mind) and had a great time with Troy.

Yesterday, we played here in the paddock, then went for a quiet ride down our right of way and onto Simpson Road. All good, and despite all the scary things, Troy was very trusting and stayed forward all the time.

Today, we floated up to my friend Kelly's place in Waverley. Troy had his first long-ish ride, in the company of Kelly's lovely schoolmistress hunter. We had a lot of new things to encounter - crossing SH3, Railway lines, road signs, herds of cows grazing the roadside, and we had an absolute ball. All up only riding for an hour, but it was plenty for a little horse to think about, and he took it all in his stride.

I am so pleased with the way he loads and travels, too - as soon as he sees the float he's waiting at the gate, and climbs up the ramp on his own as soon as I head that way. :o) It was a good half hour trip in the float which was all taken in stride.

So pleased!!! An awesome day...

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sally said...

it sounds like Troy is going great. You must be thrilled with him