Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My next random post.......

OK, so it seems that I tend to post on here once every two months or so.....lol. There are far too many websites to keep up with these days, and I imagine anyone who was following this has long since given up!

Anyway, I'm here using this as a diary again, as I have brought Troy back in after having around 6 weeks off. He needed his wolf teeth out, and I also just felt that he needed a little break to give him a bit of headspace. Anyway, the wolf teeth came out, all good there (just waiting for the vet bill....) and my stable is all but finished. (Just waiting for the door - sort of important!)

Its been raining pretty much solidly for the past few weeks - we get the odd nice day, or lately, hour or so!

Measured Troy last week, he is standing at 165cm tall. He also now has a new friend in the paddock - Penny has come to stay until the end of the year when her owners will return from the UK. She is a wonderful Welsh X pony, a terrific school mistress for the girls.

anyhoo - Troy - the last thing I did with him 6 weeks ago was take him to Theresas place, where we went for a quiet hack around the farm. Dear Belle came to babysit, and it all went swimmingly. A good place to finish things off for a bit.

So, I brought him back in the other day. Gave him a couple of quiet minutes on the lunge then turned him out again. The next day, it had been raining, so I didnt want to lunge him on the wet ground. Decided to take a couple of hard pills, and just hopped aboard.

The wee man was a superstar. He has done so much growing, both physically and mentally. I had a lovely little ride, and another yesterday. He's so calm and relaxed, and I really look forward to riding him "properly". I hope to spend this season, just taking him to look at lots of things - little shows, big shows, just having him soak up the atmosphere.

Luke (aged 8) took some video of my ride the other day, and I've taken a few fuzzy stills from it (below). You get the general idea, anyway!!

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sally said...

have looked forward to your next post to see how troy is going. He looks great and wow how cool to have the summer approaching (in the distance amongst all the rain)and all that time to ride him.