Friday, February 20, 2009


Worlds most lazy Blogger. Thats me. OK, so whats new - Troy is super. growing by the day - I have quietly backed him, so thats very exciting! He's just laxing out now though, until he's closer to 3, as he still has so much growing to do.

In the meantime, I've been given the ride on a friends horse. Sue and Grant have kindly asked me to ride Max, their big chestnut Anamour horse. He was only started a couple of months ago, although he has just turned 5, he's still a very big baby. So, he's done nothing.

I am having an absolute ball with him. Today, we thought we'd take him to a local sports day, just for a look around, and the experience of going in a couple of flat classes. He was a star. Despite being somewhat....errr. excited on arrival, he soon settled down, and got into the swing of being a show horse wannabe, and was not fazed by other horses cantering around him, etc etc. Two classes and he was a very tired boy!!

Did one of the little RTR classes, and he jumped so well. His jump is lovely, just rolls into them which is great for the likes of me who can't see a stride to save myself!! We had planned on doing a little 70cm sj round too, but the weather packed up, and we both got totally soaked so decided to call it a day as the ground was so slippery, and the course quite tight - too tight in the wet for a Giant Ginga Giraffe!! Anyway, have included some pics of today - quality is crap as they were taken from the video camera, but you get the idea!!

I feel so lucky to be riding him - but a little nervous too - he's a lovely horse and I don't want to ruin him!!! Can't wait for some lessons with Mandy and winter dressage.

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